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g-wren-largeThe purpose of this web site to be fun and informative, the site has been designed and implemented by a Pitts pilot/owner who has been in love with this beautiful little aeroplane since the age of six.

A Brief History

Curtis H. Pitts began the design of the Pitts Special in 1942 in Jacksonville, Florida. The first Pitts Special aircraft, powered by a 90 hp Franklin engine, flew in 1944. For the following 25 years, the Pitts Special was constructed as a homebuilt only. During this period, the design was continually refined to improve aerobatic performance. By 1962, the standard engine had been increased to 180 hp, and in 1966 a symmetrical airfoil was added to make inverted flight characteristics similar to normal upright flight characteristics.

In 1970, a manufacturing operation known as Pitts Aerobatics was started in Afton, Wyoming. The first Pitts Special S-2A was produced in Afton in 1971. During the 1970’s, most Pitts Special versions were Type-Certified under the requirements of FAR Part 23 in the Acrobatic Category. Since then, the Pitts Special S-2B has received Type-Certification and has become the most popular version of the Pitts Special line in current production.

Aviat Inc. acquired the Type Certificates and rights to the Pitts Special aircraft in March 1991 in Afton, Wyoming. Subsequently those rights were purchased by Aviat Aircraft Inc. in December of 1995. Marketing, Engineering, Fabrication, Assembly, and Flight Testing operations for the Pitts Special line are all conducted at the Afton, Wyoming location. Aircraft rigging is meticulously adjusted during flight testing to ensure that every aircraft is aerodynamically optimized for maximum performance in aerobatic competition. The current array of Pitts Special models represents the latest design refinement of this legendary family of aerobatic aircraft.
Source: Aviat Aircraft Inc.

Completely Useless But Interesting Fact

The Pitts Special has won more aerobatic contests than any other aircraft type.